Social Media & The Now

I apologize I have been the worst blogger ever. However, life happens and when you get inspired….Write! I much rather speak from the truest place of my heart than to throw countless content at you no one wants to read. Life should be fun (I promise that’s not all I got here). I think so much in life can jade us, persuade us, and of course social media doesn’t help in all this. No one seems to be in the present anymore. Instead, we are looking at other peoples lives and what they are doing. It’s easy to get side tracked and feel insecure about our own lives. One day I found myself trapped in a social media spider web. I found myself clicking from picture to picture thinking a ton of depressing thoughts about what I was doing with my own life. The problem is anyone with a iphone camera can make their life a hell of a lot more glamorous than it is. REMEMBER THAT! Remember that the next time you feel inadequate and boring. I mean even if you have all the confidence in the world, who doesn’t get a little jealous sneaking a peak at others lives. Especially, when most people are giving us the edited run down of their lives. Remember to stay grounded while flipping though the Instagram & Facebook world. Remember sometimes the people with the most pictures and the “happiest” of statues, may be the most miserable. We are so caught up in documenting every moment sometimes we forget to have a good time. I now judge a good time by the least amount of times I take out my phone. I use to freak out every time I dropped my beloved iphone. I am not going to lie I still do a little bit. However, its nowhere near as bad as it use to be. Take time to enjoy the company with you. I cant tell you how rude it is when someone is out in a group setting and yet talking via social media & text to everyone who is not there. What is the point?? Just because its not on the internet, it doesn’t mean it never happened. Stop, Drop, Pay Attention!

Late Night Creature

Good Morning Beauties,

There is nothing more that drives me bananas than sleepless nights. I thought though sleepless nights must have a purpose! So if I have baggy eyes its because I was creating… not worrying. So universe you have my attention and I totally got this. I am creating! I am in this blog right now, in my personal workbook (I will describe below), and some projects *crosses fingers* that are in the works for this fall.
So what is the hustle diaries? It’s my own personal workbook, think book, journal, etc.. It has al my goals, notes, bucket lists, to do lists, achievements, where I need to make improvements, dreams, random ideas, plans, ANYTHING. It has quotes to drive me, news paper/magazine articles of inspiring entrepreneurs,people I trust especially my mentors. I even have an area for people I have never met who inspire me. I have updates on what these people do, how consistent they are on social media, their message, their brand, just some great inspirations of how to be a GO GETTER.

Next, I have websites, networks, meet ups, groups, etc. that I check from day to day to get inspiration for my own brain creations. I have found the best thing for starting out is some sort of SOCIAL MEDIA CHECK LIST. This could be on a bulletin board, a message on your phone, or even a post in your Planner. Just some sort of To Do List that reminds you, ” Network, Interact, Learn, or SPEAK YOUR MIND!
I know this sounds like a big chaotic hot mess. However, it’s such a great thing for me and it works. Keep anything from a social planner, 365 day calendar, iPhone App, vision board, etc. This is just a great thing to just let yourself be and not draw inside the lines of day to day. This could be for the next week, month, 20 years! It’s yours and yours only! The great thing is you can choose the layout, the format, the style, and all of that jazz. I have a ton of cute post its from the company Knock Knock, Gel Pens(yes I said gel pens and they are scratch and sniff), fortunes from Chinese take out cookies, notebook tabs/dividers, double sides tape….I mean its a little ridiculous but who the hell cares. Make it Fun or you will not keep up with it. Well that’s at least in my personal opinion.
A. Everyone should have an inner child. B. It’s like scrap booking for the future. C. It feels damn good to cross things off or feel crummy and flip thru it to feel better. I will be posting my on instagram later so check out @Bizzzzzlo for where it all began!
Finally, I want to help spread the word about a Kick Starter Campaign for Dream, Girl. It is a documentary that seriously is needed and it will be on Kick Starter for another 4 days. If anything watch the video and spread the word. I receive Marie Forleo’s newsletter and was extremely moved by her email about it. So I checked it out and I absolutely needed to spread the word!
Kickstarter- Dream, Girl: The Documentary by Erin Bagwell of Brooklyn NY

So long Sweet Summer ❤
-Free Spirited Beauty

Where the Hell Did My 20’s Go?

That’s exactly what I thought a few days before my Birthday. It seemed the later in my 20’s I got, I got more obsessed about my age, other people’s ages, until I said SCREW IT! I was randomly browsing the internet as we all tend to do. One friends page turns into another person’s page and so fourth. I mean we all know the drill, no one is “Creepy” for doing this. I ended up on an ex’s new girlfriend’s instagram a few days before my Birthday. So I looked at it because well I was curious. It turned into this weird time warp. I didn’t only think about this particular person I use to date but also the others who were in my life. You think I would of freaked out that I was turning one year older and this particular year I was single? Nope, it was kind of the opposite. We all date people and pick up maybe bands, similar interests, hobbies, hang outs, the usual stuff. Maybe, also sometimes certain quirks, ways of speaking, some may even change the way they feel about certain beliefs and ideas. That’s all fine and well and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I looked at myself and thought this is 100 percent me. This isn’t a version of myself that was influenced by a long term spouse or a filtered me. Nope this is 100 percent who I am. Everything I like, dislike, everything I believe in and stand for, my traits, my humor, all me. I don’t know this girl and who knows what brought on whatever the hell I was feeling. It just confirmed for me more where ever you are suppose to be is right. I’ve dated great people and I have dated awful people. Some tried to change me and others knew better. Yore 20’s are figuring out who the hell you are…not your future spouse. So remember that. It’s one thing to pick up a new band from an ex it’s another to take on their whole persona and interests.
Trust me I am not perfect I have issues to tend to. I hold way too much in and expect people to read my mind what I want. This is something hopefully Ill break this year. I also tend to be impulsive, stubborn, and jaded. Well that’s just some of it haha. I know big things are to come this year in my life. This is just the calm before the rainbow. XO
Forever & Always a Free Spirit

Beauty & Fitness Hacks!

I hope everyone had a festive, fun, and most of all relaxing holiday! I got an idea for a post the other day when my friend asked me,” What the hell is dry brushing?” So I thought this would be a fun blog entry. I’m no saint but I share the wealth. When I mean wealth I mean tips and tricks to naturally glow and tone! So Shhhh I’ll tell you some of my “toning hacks”. I do things such as dry brushing, belly bonding, thigh bonding, natural remedies that speed up metabolism, natural supplements, and so much more I cant wait to share! I consider some of these fitness hacks, beauty hacks, whatever they are it works! These things really work because magazines, blogs, beauty gurus, etc. have put them to the test. However, you best believe I’m not putting my seal of approval unless, I have tried it and it works. I will never put something on here because I am asked to or it’s a fad. We all know the placebo effect! These quick steps are great for people who are working out, maybe want to smooth and tone after post pregnancy lbs., or perhaps your a twig but have some problem areas you would like to fix. BTW- We all have our hang ups. So when I say problem areas I mean what will make you feel more confident. Let’s face it even Jenifer Aniston said she would love a body double like Lindsey Vaughn or Giselle Bundchen! Yes, Jenifer Aniston, the actress most women bring a picture of to the salon or the gym!
Anyway, There’s nothing I hate more than on social media seeing pictures of liquid green lunches, going to the gym statuses, or pictures of you flexing! Pay It Forward! Who doesn’t love a good tip or link to a new work out or what exactly there routine is. We get it you live a healthy lifestyle….not like there’s anything wrong with that!It’s just some people would much rather a tip than a pic! That being said we get it you work out. I love me some cardio dance work out, I also love Nutella Crepes and Ice Cream!
Dry Brushing is something I heard about a few months ago. I am an idiot though because I read an article and this girl bought a 100 dollar brush. So I assumed you needed a special brush to do said “dry brushing”.Nuh uh Girl you don’t need an expensive brush ::::::finger snaps:::::::
I picked up a brush at TJ Maxx for 3 dollars! Basically, if it’s a bath/body natural bristle brush it will do! Here’s the scoop!
Why- It cleans out the lymphatic system, Clears out Toxins, reduce appearance of cellulite, stimulates the hormonal & oil glands,
Best Time- Post Workout, Pre Shower
Time- 10 to 15 minutes
How To- Start working from the bottoms of the feet/ankles working in big circular motions up your leg. FYI- Your lymphatic System is drained by your collar bone. The biggest trigger of this working is stimulating…the what…. lymphatic system! Obviously sensitive skin be gentle. You will get a bit red but that is kind a weird bonus to me knowing its working! I know I am strange! Any who, You want to do your arms, your stomach in a counter clockwise motion, than your back, and neck and shoulders down, lower back in a up motion. There are ones I have seen for the face as a buffer/exfoliator. I have yet to try this out yet though. It’s also a huge benefit to your skin and over all health!


Being Authentic While Dating

I’ve realized one thing more than ever is if you don’t follow your gut, your heart, your intuition…it will kick you down so you do. I believe we all have a path and different stepping stones to get there. However, we also all have free will. If you start to veer off that path, life has a funny or not so funny way of getting you the hell back on. If you don’t listen to your higher self aka your gut/intuition. There are other powers that be that will do it for you. Take it from personal experience it’s not always in the nicest of ways. It’s kind of a “told you so” from your spirit guides . Ps- I am trying to make this post not spiritual base and woo woo but fuck it.
For example, when I was going nowhere fast a few years ago my spirit guides did subtle things I now remember for me to change. It wasn’t until I literally was just a walking ego when they needed me to change ASAP. I got into a car accident where I hit a brick wall and totaled my car. This may sound morbid but if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t of changed. I still don’t get the hint sometimes and even when I do, I don’t always listen. You cant force feelings or your heart to feel a certain way.
I was dating someone for the last few months and it showed me that. I was very unclear on how I felt. I thought maybe over time things would change. I would go back and fourth but for the most part it didn’t. I knew the outcome yet I still stuck around. I also have a tendency to have a huge brick wall up. Than as soon as someone isn’t giving me as much attention as before, I cave. I start to shift purely for not receiving that same affection. I mean if that isn’t ego what the hell is. Needless to say it all pretty much blew up in my face and I am not surprised. It is something I knew was going to happen from the start. I don’t want to hurt people and I always stick around longer than I should.
So life will sometimes kick me in the ass so I stick to my authentic self. I did care for this person and I wish him the best. What I am trying to say is with all sorts of relationships check in with yourself and how you feel. Ask yourself am I upset about this situation because I am not getting the same attention or because I truly love or care for this person? Games aren’t fun especially when you are even doing them to not only that person but yourself. Unfortunately from a previous relationship I am still trying to end bad habits I picked up from that ex. Especially, when it comes to having the upper hand, playing mind games, putting up a front etc. It’s fair to no one and the game of games never gets won. No book, dating guru, or sometimes even friend knows your authentic self. So step away from the emotion and situation and go to the person who knows you best….YOU. If its not meant to be you truly know in your heart.

Beautiful and Charitable Must Haves

We all love to splurge once and a while. I mean guilty pleasures and the little things in life make this world so great. What I love even more is you can buy a beautiful item and it doesn’t just end there. This product has a cause and effect after you buy it. It’s not just made in a factory shipped off to you….the end! I have listed some unique and gorgeous items that give back. Some of these items give right back to the people who need it the most. We of course know the story of Tom’s Shoes. I know with companies like this I want to support them even more due to the message. Some of these companies are so humble, I have to be the one bragging for their good deeds to beautifying our style and world. Please let me know some of your favorites or any websites. I love to know to Pay it Forward also when purchasing gifts for friends.

Caliber Collection
I first heard of Caliber Collection oddly enough from the previous mayor of Newark, Corey Booker. We all know of a lot of cities who hold gun buy back programs. Some offer things such as gift cards and cash. However, Jessica Mindich the former lawyer turned super hero be hide Caliber Collection takes this to a whole other level. Imagine guns taken off the street and turned into works of art. However, there is still a message imprinted on this jewelry. All jewelry pieces melted and than crafted still have the serial numbers of the guns. Most weapons were seized or handed over to Caliber Collection by Newark Police. Additionally, Caliber Collection gives back in another way. Caliber Collection gives 20 percent of it’s proceeds right back to the city. The first year $20,000 was handed over to Newark from Caliber Collection. Caliber Collection proudly funded the only 2 ever privately funded voluntary gun buyback and amnesty programs in Newark, New Jersey’s history. The amazing thing is now some of the most dangerous cities in the world are also now apart of The Caliber Collection. Jessica Mindich sells Caliber Collection on her website Jewelry For A Cause. Jewelry For a Cause is responsible for giving $400,000 of philanthropy dollars to worthy causes. Lastly, some pieces have stunning diamonds in them which are conflict free. Life is just as precious and rare as a person’s life. If you’re a big spender check out the stunning Brass 8 diamond Bangle for 1,375.
Products- Bangle Bracelets,Cuff Bracelets, and Cuff links
Price Range- $150-$350
P.S.- MTV and Caliber Collection have a bracelet on the website for $40 dollars.

Nepal Bracelets are at the top of my list for Summer Favorite Things. I was first drawn to these beautiful bracelets at South Moon Under. Who could resist bowls full of gorgeous gleaming bracelets in different colors and patterns. Nepal Bracelets are the perfect stacking bracelet for your arm party! What I love too is how unique yet cohesive they all are. I swear I literally wear mine every single day no matter what outfit I am wearing. I cannot rave about these bracelets more. I suggest them to people to give as gifts for literally any one in your life. The Nepal Bracelet is also sometimes called the glass beaded roll-on. The company Aid Through Trade who produces them isn’t your typical business. The founder, Damian Jones, was in the Peace Corps at the time when he first became inspired. Those who were inspiring him were the artisans of the Kathmandu Valley and the use of glass beads in Nepalese culture. It was back home in the United States where he got the idea of working with artisans in a fair, dignified manner as a way to improve their lives. In 1993 and 1994 he took three trips back to Nepal to actualize his vision of “fair trade” as a path to sustainable economic and personal development for artisans. Aid Through Trade shifted its emphasis to becoming a fashion design company with ethics! The artisans delight in coming to the exclusive studio and office in Nepal where they enjoy prestige, sisterhood, dignity, fair remuneration, a retirement account and other benefits.
Products- Nepal bracelets aka roll on glass bead bracelets and other beautiful jewelry hand crafted such as necklaces, earrings, and hair pins.
Price Range- $14.95-$60
PS- Nepal bracelets can be purchased without being in a set for $14.95 at South Moon Under. They are available in sets of 3 in various places including amazon.

100 Good Deeds Bracelets
What is better than a bracelet than influences its customers to pay it forward and also employees women. The purchase of the bracelet is the first good deed by employing one vulnerable woman. Mary Fisher spent a decade helping women whose voices would not be heard in Africa. She than began helping women be the creative artisans they were and make a living while making jewelry. The game of the bracelet is you go out of your way to make some one feel good about themselves or help them. Ps- it only counts if the deed goes unknown! The bracelet should be wrapped around your wrist 3 times and each time a good deed is done the rubber cord on the bracelet is moved along the beads. The bracelets come in various types of beads and tons of colors to choose from. The bracelets can be purchased right on the website at
Product: Various different bracelet colors available
Price Point: $30
PS- The bracelet has been featured on The Today Show, People Magazine, In Style, Elle, Prade Magazine, glo msn

The Giving Keys
I love anything that is vintage or has a vintage feel. I have always had a fascination with keys especially ones from years ago. The founder had that same fascination as I did, Caitlyn Crosby. She got the idea to repurpose something like a key that’s unique, flawed, scarred, and at the risk of being tossed away into jewelry. They keys she made into inspirational jewelry and products and engraved inspiration words on them. The hope is someone who needs it wears it until that is gained and than the item is given/pay it forward who someone who needs it more. The keys employee people in homeless shelters in L.A and giving back to those who need it the most.
Products-Necklaces, Bracelets, I-phone cases, rings, even beautiful gladiator sandals
Price Point- $35-$85
P.S- Go to their website and check out the amazing stories of how people’s lives were changed by the giving keys.

Radio Readings on Infinity888 Radio

If anyone is interested in listening this is a link for a show I did. I did readings on this podcast for 2 hours with a great friend named Justin English. He’s a super talented medium who was kind enough to have me on his show. By the way, Justin is almost finish with his own unique deck of tarot cards. I believe he is still looking for an illustrator if anyone would like to collaborate on this with him. Thanks Justin for inviting me to be on your show today! I will be on his show every so often but he has great guests! If you yourself are a medium, intuitive, tarot reader, or have anything to do with the topic of spirituality or the paranormal, please contact me. I will let Justin know and perhaps you will be the next guest! Also, Justin is an amazing Psychic Medium so contact him if you would like a one on one reading! I will talk more about this soon but I just wanted to drop the link. Sorry guys I didn’t do it before hand. It was just a fun last minute thing. Will be on more radio shows, you tube, and posting my monthly column as well. Of course I will be posting
in here a lot more frequently. I have an awesome article with a ton of tips coming up tomorrow! http://

Be Okay Glee Cover

Hey guys I haven’t watched Glee too much since it’s been on. However, I am so happy the awesome and talents band Oh Honey I had the pleasure of working with was covered on Glee last night. It’s for the song Be Okay. I had the pleasure of working on this music video and the fact they covered it on Glee is just epic! I am so happy for them!

Work Out Mix Boost

I know everyone is sick of their Facebook being flooded with curled biceps and kale smoothies. Trust me I am too! I will spare you that nonsense and trade you an amazing workout mix. I know the only workout related topics that somewhat interests me on social media are actual workout videos/tutorials and Work-out mixes. This is my workout mix I put together. I thought I share because I cant work out without music. Honestly, that’s what I enjoy about working out is the music component. Once again any mixes/tracks you would love to share please comment them! I love a great tip just like the next girl.

Cardio Workout Mix
2.Harlem-New Politics
3.Can I Get Get Get- Junior Senior
4.Vivrant Thing Club Mix- Q-Tip
5.I’m In The House- Steve Aoki
6.Starstrukkk-3OH!3 feat Katy Perry
8.Vegas Lights-Panic! At The Disco
9.Na Na Na Na Naa- Kaiser Chiefs
11.Beware Jay-Z Mix- Panjabi MC
12.Konichiwa Bitches- Robyn
13.So Fast, So Maybe-K.Flay
14.Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz
15.Ready for The Floor- Hot Chip
16.Internet Killed The Video Star(The Tommie Sunshine Mix)- The Limousines
17.Satisfaction- Benny Benassi
18.Maneater-Nelly Furtado
19.Awkward- San Cisco
20.House of Jealous Lovers- The Rapture
21.Be Okay- Oh Honey
22.Canibal Queen- Miniature Tigers
23.The Motto-Drake
24.Slow Dance Night- The Century
25.Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)- Miike Snow
26.DJ-Amanda Blank
27.Make Her Say- Kid Cudi
28.MC’s Can Kiss- Uffie
29.Insatiable- CLP
30.Electric Feel (Justice Remix)-MGMT
31.New in Town- Little Boots
32.I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)-Dragonette
33.The New Workout Plan- Kayne West
34.Pretzelbodylogic- Prince
35.Gold-Neon Hitch feat Tyga
36.Bass Down Low- Dev feat. The Cataracs
38.Overtime- Cash Cash
39.She Wants To Move- N.E.R.D
40.Jane Fonda- Mickey Avalon