What is Free Spirited Beauty?


Free Spirited Beauty is a blog combining Beauty, Fashion, DIY Projects, Life, Tips, Topics, Advice, Travel, Food, Fitness, Great hang outs but things also with the flare of Spirituality, Astrology, Numerology, Crystals, Meditation,and so much more. It’s hard for me to summarize what I want and wish for this blog to be. So hopefully people will catch on to it on my journey.
I was having a hard time finding a happy medium of my old world and my new world. I realized the shoe didn’t really fit in both cases. The more I grow up certain traits and hobbies I lose. However, as I got into the more spiritual and “love and light” lifestyle, there were also aspects that didn’t necessarily work for me. That’s the thing 2014 is the year to embrace change…. your way.
I spent most of my young life trying to fit in to something. I was a quirky and light hearted soul who was a bit different. I quickly realized I wasn’t like the girls in my school. It wasn’t until I graduated High School that I realized what a blessing that was. However, than a new wave took over me. I was hanging out with all sorts of different crowds.The last 6 years I spent trying to be the next “it girl”. I also seemed to be in a crowd full of chicks that wanted that exact same thing. It wasn’t a sisterhood, it was a competition. There I was in the city where everyone tries to one up each other. It was exhausting. I suddenly craved just being a hermit. Something I was never quite good at.
I saw girls I knew from high school getting married. The girls I knew from being out and about in the city, becoming success in their own unique way. They were living the dream,the good life. I was so lost with who the hell I was. I straight up broke down. I had a series of not so fun events happen. I will admit it had to happen. If I didn’t have a wake up call, and in the extreme way I did, I would of never changed.
The week of Christmas 2012,I was in a near fatal car accident.I hit a brick wall and immediately lights were out for me. The next thing I remember when I awoke was being in an ambulance in really bad shape. I remember saying to myself, “Things change now” over and over again. I couldn’t stop thinking it or saying it. It’s like this affirmation was pulled from somewhere and took over.
I prayed 2013 things would change.I was miserable, in pain from my car accident, I totaled my car, had a falling out with someone who was like a sister to me, I was unemployed, depressed, broke,found out life threatening news at a routine check-up, and suffered a really hard loss. I never felt so alone in my life. There I was, the ex life of the party, who was now on the verge of suicide. I was someone who survived an accident I shouldn’t of. I had a cancer scare that luckily was not cancer. However,I wanted to take my own life. I know now how selfish and wreckless that was even to think at the time. I didn’t understand until a while after things happen for a reason
I happened to hear about Gabrielle Bernstien’s story. I ordered her book and suddenly my mind set changed.I was so busy thinking about what I didn’t want to be and what I had to be. It sounds cheesy but I didn’t just let myself be. It kind of put that Beatle’s song in a whole new perspective for me,”Let it Be”. So for almost a year now I have been doing just that.
I want to help people get their inner glow and their outer glow. Taking up a more healthy spiritual lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to be a granola eating, no make-up wearing, hippy. Just as much as wearing make-up/doing your hair doesn’t mean your a vapid mannequin inside. Dance at your favorite places but try new things. Forgive, Let go of grudges, smile at new people you meet. Stop caring so much what others think and just LET IT BE :).

Here’s to The start of The Free Spirited Beauty ❤

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