Pay it Forward Idea

There have been some extremely kind people I have met along the years. I think we don’t tell these people enough or do things to remind them we do. I came up with an idea while appreciating someone’s kindness a month ago. I decided to combine a chain letter with a swap/haul type of deal. I called it…”These are a few of my favorite things”. Include a short note listing 5 of your favorite things and items or tiny gifts to represent that. Include in the note now send this to someone who has been kind to you (and so fourth and on and on). For example this is one I sent someone…..
1.Music – Include maybe a mix or a iTunes 5 dollar gift card. Maybe if it’s a gift card include on the back a list of songs that remind you of them or they would like.
2. Dream catchers
3. Tarot Cards
4. Yoga- I sent a pair of yoga gloves
5. Spirit Junkie The book
This is a short list of a few of my favorite things and some ideas. Sunday is national pay it forward day! Let me know if you like the idea or what you did to celebrate and share the joy ❤

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