A Little Bit Of Magic On a Monday :)


I absolutely love the two television shows Once Upon A Time on ABC and Grimm on NBC. If you are new to the television shows, both are Fairy Tales with a dark and modern twist. A few weeks ago I found a synchronicity in both television shows. This would be the Yellow Beetle Volkswagen that both the main characters drive. I have always loved the quirkiness and fun of it. Especially, when I first saw the iconic picture of The Beatles with the car in the background. Anyway, a week later I found out why they both drive this car and why it is so important. I talked to a man who actually gave the idea of the car to the writers of the show. I think we all get nervous and stressed in life about certain situations. We all wish we could have just some hope or a feeling that it will be okay. Well I learned a beautiful way to help give you hope in times like that. If you happen to see a Yellow Volkswagen Beetle it is a nudge from your “Fairy Godmother” everything is going to be okay. If you want call it your angels, a god wink, or whatever you want!
It than made sense to me why this car is on both shows. I love life’s synchronicities and how nothing is never a coincidence. This is another subject I will be blogging about from time to time. I also love hearing stories from people I know and strangers about synchronicities or lucky charm type things that have helped them or caused miracles. I would absolutely love readers to comment some stories, synchronicities, or “god winks” if you will that have happened in their life.
Happy Monday everyone!!!

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