Radio Readings on Infinity888 Radio

If anyone is interested in listening this is a link for a show I did. I did readings on this podcast for 2 hours with a great friend named Justin English. He’s a super talented medium who was kind enough to have me on his show. By the way, Justin is almost finish with his own unique deck of tarot cards. I believe he is still looking for an illustrator if anyone would like to collaborate on this with him. Thanks Justin for inviting me to be on your show today! I will be on his show every so often but he has great guests! If you yourself are a medium, intuitive, tarot reader, or have anything to do with the topic of spirituality or the paranormal, please contact me. I will let Justin know and perhaps you will be the next guest! Also, Justin is an amazing Psychic Medium so contact him if you would like a one on one reading! I will talk more about this soon but I just wanted to drop the link. Sorry guys I didn’t do it before hand. It was just a fun last minute thing. Will be on more radio shows, you tube, and posting my monthly column as well. Of course I will be posting
in here a lot more frequently. I have an awesome article with a ton of tips coming up tomorrow! http://

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