Beauty & Fitness Hacks!

I hope everyone had a festive, fun, and most of all relaxing holiday! I got an idea for a post the other day when my friend asked me,” What the hell is dry brushing?” So I thought this would be a fun blog entry. I’m no saint but I share the wealth. When I mean wealth I mean tips and tricks to naturally glow and tone! So Shhhh I’ll tell you some of my “toning hacks”. I do things such as dry brushing, belly bonding, thigh bonding, natural remedies that speed up metabolism, natural supplements, and so much more I cant wait to share! I consider some of these fitness hacks, beauty hacks, whatever they are it works! These things really work because magazines, blogs, beauty gurus, etc. have put them to the test. However, you best believe I’m not putting my seal of approval unless, I have tried it and it works. I will never put something on here because I am asked to or it’s a fad. We all know the placebo effect! These quick steps are great for people who are working out, maybe want to smooth and tone after post pregnancy lbs., or perhaps your a twig but have some problem areas you would like to fix. BTW- We all have our hang ups. So when I say problem areas I mean what will make you feel more confident. Let’s face it even Jenifer Aniston said she would love a body double like Lindsey Vaughn or Giselle Bundchen! Yes, Jenifer Aniston, the actress most women bring a picture of to the salon or the gym!
Anyway, There’s nothing I hate more than on social media seeing pictures of liquid green lunches, going to the gym statuses, or pictures of you flexing! Pay It Forward! Who doesn’t love a good tip or link to a new work out or what exactly there routine is. We get it you live a healthy lifestyle….not like there’s anything wrong with that!It’s just some people would much rather a tip than a pic! That being said we get it you work out. I love me some cardio dance work out, I also love Nutella Crepes and Ice Cream!
Dry Brushing is something I heard about a few months ago. I am an idiot though because I read an article and this girl bought a 100 dollar brush. So I assumed you needed a special brush to do said “dry brushing”.Nuh uh Girl you don’t need an expensive brush ::::::finger snaps:::::::
I picked up a brush at TJ Maxx for 3 dollars! Basically, if it’s a bath/body natural bristle brush it will do! Here’s the scoop!
Why- It cleans out the lymphatic system, Clears out Toxins, reduce appearance of cellulite, stimulates the hormonal & oil glands,
Best Time- Post Workout, Pre Shower
Time- 10 to 15 minutes
How To- Start working from the bottoms of the feet/ankles working in big circular motions up your leg. FYI- Your lymphatic System is drained by your collar bone. The biggest trigger of this working is stimulating…the what…. lymphatic system! Obviously sensitive skin be gentle. You will get a bit red but that is kind a weird bonus to me knowing its working! I know I am strange! Any who, You want to do your arms, your stomach in a counter clockwise motion, than your back, and neck and shoulders down, lower back in a up motion. There are ones I have seen for the face as a buffer/exfoliator. I have yet to try this out yet though. It’s also a huge benefit to your skin and over all health!


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