Where the Hell Did My 20’s Go?

That’s exactly what I thought a few days before my Birthday. It seemed the later in my 20’s I got, I got more obsessed about my age, other people’s ages, until I said SCREW IT! I was randomly browsing the internet as we all tend to do. One friends page turns into another person’s page and so fourth. I mean we all know the drill, no one is “Creepy” for doing this. I ended up on an ex’s new girlfriend’s instagram a few days before my Birthday. So I looked at it because well I was curious. It turned into this weird time warp. I didn’t only think about this particular person I use to date but also the others who were in my life. You think I would of freaked out that I was turning one year older and this particular year I was single? Nope, it was kind of the opposite. We all date people and pick up maybe bands, similar interests, hobbies, hang outs, the usual stuff. Maybe, also sometimes certain quirks, ways of speaking, some may even change the way they feel about certain beliefs and ideas. That’s all fine and well and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I looked at myself and thought this is 100 percent me. This isn’t a version of myself that was influenced by a long term spouse or a filtered me. Nope this is 100 percent who I am. Everything I like, dislike, everything I believe in and stand for, my traits, my humor, all me. I don’t know this girl and who knows what brought on whatever the hell I was feeling. It just confirmed for me more where ever you are suppose to be is right. I’ve dated great people and I have dated awful people. Some tried to change me and others knew better. Yore 20’s are figuring out who the hell you are…not your future spouse. So remember that. It’s one thing to pick up a new band from an ex it’s another to take on their whole persona and interests.
Trust me I am not perfect I have issues to tend to. I hold way too much in and expect people to read my mind what I want. This is something hopefully Ill break this year. I also tend to be impulsive, stubborn, and jaded. Well that’s just some of it haha. I know big things are to come this year in my life. This is just the calm before the rainbow. XO
Forever & Always a Free Spirit

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