Late Night Creature

Good Morning Beauties,

There is nothing more that drives me bananas than sleepless nights. I thought though sleepless nights must have a purpose! So if I have baggy eyes its because I was creating… not worrying. So universe you have my attention and I totally got this. I am creating! I am in this blog right now, in my personal workbook (I will describe below), and some projects *crosses fingers* that are in the works for this fall.
So what is the hustle diaries? It’s my own personal workbook, think book, journal, etc.. It has al my goals, notes, bucket lists, to do lists, achievements, where I need to make improvements, dreams, random ideas, plans, ANYTHING. It has quotes to drive me, news paper/magazine articles of inspiring entrepreneurs,people I trust especially my mentors. I even have an area for people I have never met who inspire me. I have updates on what these people do, how consistent they are on social media, their message, their brand, just some great inspirations of how to be a GO GETTER.

Next, I have websites, networks, meet ups, groups, etc. that I check from day to day to get inspiration for my own brain creations. I have found the best thing for starting out is some sort of SOCIAL MEDIA CHECK LIST. This could be on a bulletin board, a message on your phone, or even a post in your Planner. Just some sort of To Do List that reminds you, ” Network, Interact, Learn, or SPEAK YOUR MIND!
I know this sounds like a big chaotic hot mess. However, it’s such a great thing for me and it works. Keep anything from a social planner, 365 day calendar, iPhone App, vision board, etc. This is just a great thing to just let yourself be and not draw inside the lines of day to day. This could be for the next week, month, 20 years! It’s yours and yours only! The great thing is you can choose the layout, the format, the style, and all of that jazz. I have a ton of cute post its from the company Knock Knock, Gel Pens(yes I said gel pens and they are scratch and sniff), fortunes from Chinese take out cookies, notebook tabs/dividers, double sides tape….I mean its a little ridiculous but who the hell cares. Make it Fun or you will not keep up with it. Well that’s at least in my personal opinion.
A. Everyone should have an inner child. B. It’s like scrap booking for the future. C. It feels damn good to cross things off or feel crummy and flip thru it to feel better. I will be posting my on instagram later so check out @Bizzzzzlo for where it all began!
Finally, I want to help spread the word about a Kick Starter Campaign for Dream, Girl. It is a documentary that seriously is needed and it will be on Kick Starter for another 4 days. If anything watch the video and spread the word. I receive Marie Forleo’s newsletter and was extremely moved by her email about it. So I checked it out and I absolutely needed to spread the word!
Kickstarter- Dream, Girl: The Documentary by Erin Bagwell of Brooklyn NY

So long Sweet Summer ❤
-Free Spirited Beauty

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