Social Media & The Now

I apologize I have been the worst blogger ever. However, life happens and when you get inspired….Write! I much rather speak from the truest place of my heart than to throw countless content at you no one wants to read. Life should be fun (I promise that’s not all I got here). I think so much in life can jade us, persuade us, and of course social media doesn’t help in all this. No one seems to be in the present anymore. Instead, we are looking at other peoples lives and what they are doing. It’s easy to get side tracked and feel insecure about our own lives. One day I found myself trapped in a social media spider web. I found myself clicking from picture to picture thinking a ton of depressing thoughts about what I was doing with my own life. The problem is anyone with a iphone camera can make their life a hell of a lot more glamorous than it is. REMEMBER THAT! Remember that the next time you feel inadequate and boring. I mean even if you have all the confidence in the world, who doesn’t get a little jealous sneaking a peak at others lives. Especially, when most people are giving us the edited run down of their lives. Remember to stay grounded while flipping though the Instagram & Facebook world. Remember sometimes the people with the most pictures and the “happiest” of statues, may be the most miserable. We are so caught up in documenting every moment sometimes we forget to have a good time. I now judge a good time by the least amount of times I take out my phone. I use to freak out every time I dropped my beloved iphone. I am not going to lie I still do a little bit. However, its nowhere near as bad as it use to be. Take time to enjoy the company with you. I cant tell you how rude it is when someone is out in a group setting and yet talking via social media & text to everyone who is not there. What is the point?? Just because its not on the internet, it doesn’t mean it never happened. Stop, Drop, Pay Attention!

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